We will dot your dragon’s eyes …

two ten eight is a digital strategy consulting and activation agency with a keen focus on Mainland China.

Whether your goal is to build a broad audience on social media and online video sites, or to develop distinct web and mobile offerings, we can help stake out a viable game plan.

画龙点睛 - hua long dian jing: to paint a dragon and dot in the eyes
Fig. to add the vital finishing touch, the crucial point that brings the subject to life.

our approach

... and bring it to life.

When we first sit down with a client, we conduct an initial analysis to discover where they are in China today and how we can take them to the next level.

initial setup

For clients with an existing digital footprint, it is often about rethinking platform strategies and tailoring content and services to local tastes.

For those starting from scratch, we will thoroughly analyze all relevant segments and draft an innovative game plan.

Most importantly, our work does not end with just theory. We offer dedicated implementation support that lets you hit the ground running.

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„two ten eight“ is a word-for-word translation of the Chinese number 28 (二十八 èr shí bā).

28, in turn, is considered to be an auspicious number in the Chinese tradition, commonly associated with “double prosperity” or “double wealth”.

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